Thursday, April 28, 2016

‎Maalik‬ -2015 --Official Teaser 1 -A Film By Ashir Azeem

‎Maalik‬ -2015 --Official Teaser 1 -A Film By Ashir Azeem

Farhan Ali Agha
Sajid Hassan
Urwa Hocane
Ali saqi
Farah ali
Hassan Niazi
Ashir Azeem
Shakeel Hussain Khan
Rashid Farooqi
Sabreen Baloch
Marriam Ansari
Adnan Shah
Tatmain ul Qalb

Maalik is an upcoming Pakistani political thriller film directed, written and produced by Ashir Azeem under the production banner Media Hub. The film stars Farhan Ali Agha, Sajid Hassan and Hassan Niazi and Azeem himself in lead roles.[1] The film is expected to release in February 2016.
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